"A GASTRONOMIC TOUR OF ITALY"           May 2017

The project aims at presenting the main culinary traditions of the different areas of the Italian territory. 

The students, divided into five groups, have analysed the main territorial features and the cooking traditions of five areas of Italy: the Northeast, the Northwest, Central Italy, the South and the Islands. These are described in the presentations created by the students. Each group has also included the recipe of a typical dish from the area assigned. Here is an example:

Showing the presentations to classmates:


The second part of the project consisted in making a video to show the preparation of a typical Italian dish: fresh pasta with tomato sauce. A group of students has organized the whole activity selecting the materials, acting in the video and using the videocamera to film the single scenes. Here is the result!

Language (English): CREATIVE STORYTELLING - November 2017

Welcome to a new project! This year our project consisted in inventing a story starting from images chosen by throwing the dice.

STEP 1: divided into three groups, the students threw the dice and defined the pictures to use in their stories.


vortex, cat, forest, rugby ball, notice board, referee.


journey, tennis ball, the moon, crown, Little Red Riding Hood, hung on a wire.


flute, goal keeper, boy, swimming, beauty, football.

STEP 2: group discussion about the creation of a story starting from the images on the dice. The students looked up the words they didn't know in an online dictionary using their mobiles. Then, they wrote down the story by hand.

Group work in progress!

Geniuses at work!

So concentrated!

STEP 3: retell the story recording the students' voices on a tablet. For this activity, the students used an application to dictate text with their voice and sent the final result to the teacher by email. In this way, they had the chance to practise pronunciation and fluency in the second language. Here's the story by group 2!

  • Story by group 2

  • Images: journey, tennis ball, the moon, crown, Little Red Riding Hood, hung on a wire