3C M.A.T.

31. Oct, 2016

This year with the prof. Carretti we start a project of Saint Francis of Assisi. The prof. told us to comment the pictures of Giotto. In the first time we take the photo from Google, we have do a test about Saint Francis of Assisi. We had saved some pic and we have use on thinklink for put on the photo the informations for expose in front of the classroom. In the class we are splitted into 5 groups of 4 students and every groups have a different images to work with. When our mates expose the project the prof make a video and she has upload on a site who she created.

31. Oct, 2016



This experience was very hard. At the beginning we have chosen a paint of Giotto

 After the choice of the picture we surfed the web and we found much information very interesting.

We create the point which we have assigned the sentences.

After finding the points, we assign this in each of us.

We had to study and expose in the video on classroom.

Now we tell the experience each of us:

Davide Gibelli:

I liked it because it makes me understand all the cultures that happens to be looking at that era and beautiful. I liked the colors of the picture already Giotto and his very artistic nuances.

Leonardo Giabelli: this experience for me it’s very difficult , at the beginning it seems to me very simply but it wasn’t so The picture is very beautiful though.

This part of the painting is very wonderful  for me and the devils were with drawn really well

Cristian Dalcerri:

For me this experience was very instructive for the ancient art. The painting is very beautiful also the colors for that time were very lively

Manuel Cattaneo: this exsperiences is very easy, mostly because I shared the work with my school friends!

31. Oct, 2016
31. Oct, 2016

Hey guys now we present you a project which we did with our teacher of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Our teacher inserted  two images of Assisi on schoology and she said to comment about what we think of the painting.

After that we did a test about the information of the two image and we search two picture about Saint Francis and we uppload in schoology.

The teacher splitted us into groups, she gave us a painting and she tell us to complete the painting whit some point and some information of that painting or Saint Francis and Giotto.

At  last she told us to study that point and to present in front of all the class what we write in the point.

We really enjoy this project it was very intresting and verry entertaining.

We did our best.

31. Oct, 2016