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3D Modeling with Inventor - Short description

In this unit students will learn to use Autodesk Inventor.
They will get an overview of the different ways when is possible to use Autodesk Inventor and then learn specific ways they can use Inventor to help design.
At the beginning the students will reflect on the "seed questions" put to them for  introduce 3D modeling.
Then students will follow a path  into three steps:
At the end of the course  students will produce the drawings in 2D format from the 3D model and they will show the object created using Aurasma application.

4 C Class - IPSIA "Avv. G. Ambrosoli" I. I. S. OF CODOGNO

Synthesis of work


1. Download Aurasma application

2. Search "4cipsiambrosolicodogno" channel and follow it.

2. Scan these images below

3.Watch these images come to life🤩